Mugai Ryu Europe

The official Mugai Ryu European representative with over 20 Dojo across Europe.

Mugai Ryu Europe

Mugai Ryu Europe

The Mugai Ryu Europe Association

Mugai Ryu Europe is a europe-wide association of selected dojos aiming to spread authentic japanese martial arts under Luciano Morgenstern’s and Niina-Soke’s supervision. The Mugai Ryu Europe e.V. (NPO) serves independently in a supporting manner. Our honbu Dojo (headquarter) is the Tenshinkai Dojo in Köln.

There are currently over 20 dojos from 8 countries in the association. The teachers and assistants of the Mugai Ryu Europe Association foster a close and familiar relationship, which even reaches out to Japan and is being passed on to all their students, which is why we meet regularly and several times a year.


We have the following dojos in Europe:



  • Kochokai in Amsterdam / Haarlem under Arjan Tervoort


  • Iaido Academy Italia in Rome under Maurizio Feliziani
  • Iaido Academy Italia in Valcanetta under Flavio Feliziani
  • Iaido Academy Italia in Cerveteri under Roberto Frazzetta
  • Iaido Academy Italia in Cosenza under Gian Piero Costabile


  • Mugenkai Dojo in Istanbul under Burak Azak
  • Shoshin Dojo in Canakkale under Emre Esen




  • Sengetsu Dojo in Saku / Talinn under Indrek Järv